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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Mid and Upper Level Schoolmasters Available for Lessons and On Site Lease

Schoolmaster...such an interesting word! To me it means a horse that is confident in his/her training and execution of the exercises so that it can help a rider learn the timing without becoming rattled or upset. Most of them have a been there, done that attitude and are very sound. At the moment - I’ve got several in full work and they are available to be used for lessons and on site leases (showing is very possible). These horses have all shown above 4th level and have solid, easy lateral work, pirouettes and changes. They have been careful brought along to be shown and sold - but in the meantime, they should share what they have learned with other riders. All are over 16.2 hands with 3 correct gaits. Most are best in a double bridle - but that can be discussed as needed. Each horse has their own custom fitted saddle and bridle that can be used by a student.

Lesson prices start at $125.

Lease prices will vary based on the horse’s level of training and the amount of riding time that an individual can commit. A standard lease includes 2 lessons per week and the horse(s) will remain at Watermark Farm. At this time we are not offering off site leases but with a good match showing/competitions are definitely possible.

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