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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lots to learn! Learning is fun!

The seat of learning 

I think that was a slogan for school/education in the 80's...but there is more than a little truth in it. That is just my opinion, but hey, this is my blog! *big smile* Over the weekend I got to combine a bit of showing and then learned about being a scribe. It was lots of fun and I really got to increase my appreciation for the effort that judges put into evaluating rides. Yesterday I was lucky enough to be a scribe again for the afternoon for a recognized show and I learned even more!!! It was a real eye opener - I strongly recommend that more riders plunk their fanny in the seat and try to write legibly for a morning or afternoon. Just saying.

But back to showing - Wilson was a very good boy. He was a tad concerned that the adjoining property had a rototiller operating at full throttle, but did a solid effort and showed a lot of promise for future levels. Wilson is fun to work with on a daily basis and a gentleman about loading, tacking and untacking - and he is for sale. Why might you ask? Well, I shall tell you with complete honesty. I have too many to ride each day. Wyatt and Wendy are my primary focus and he would really love to have just one person to fuss over him every day. He is a real to work with - no issues and fun. Please contact to talk about him and purchasing. 

And this is my motivational photo to encourage people to get out and show. 

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