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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Zip Zip Zip! Time is passing! Vrrroooom! Spring is just around the corner!

When I woke up this morning, the alarm was 15 minutes away and even though it is freeze your-bippy-off cold outside right now, I can't wait to get out and work with the horses. The day is supposed to get up near 40* and the indoor is nice and toasty out of the wind. Add in wonderful horses and good people to work around and that make for a pretty special day!

On the farm new front, we are roughly 1 month out from our next schooling dressage show. Another Tara Ziegler clinic will follow shortly after - date TBA later this week. And then it's just 7 weeks until show season is upon us for real. (insert mental image of a bouncy happy dog boing boing boinging in place) Show season! Yippee!

As a side note - the horses are going really well and we can not wait to start showing off how much they have progressed over the winter!
This photo makes me think - Sun's out, guns out!
Oz is always ready to show off!

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