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Friday, May 1, 2015

Website hiccup and new videos

Slowly, very slowly I am adjusting to Mavericks (the Apple OS) which is not as user friendly as Snow Leopard was. Unfortunately.

I am sad to report the demise of my entire library of photos from 2009 on iPhoto as well as a massive problem finding/sorting and using my current images on the iPhone. Ditto videos. Oh and iMovie changed as well. If that were not frustrating enough, there are issues with the FTP publisher on Network Solutions, so all the revisions and updates for the website are sitting unpublished on my hard drive.

In any case, here is some new footage of some of our Sales Horses -

Windrose WF -

Wendolyn WF -

 Footage of the other is pending and I am not in an all fire hurry to shoot additional video due to the hassle in trying to update/publish anything. 

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