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Friday, March 13, 2015

Call to action!

It's no secret that our farm has been around for a long time. Mom and Dad have been in the horse business since the dark ages. Yeah, really - they have! You know - pre cell phone, pre iPad, pre Internet and Facebook, or when video cameras sat on your shoulder and weighed 40 pounds.

With all of that in mind, I went after getting a large fan base for our Facebook page with determination and gusto! Now Facebook is changing their policy and distribution of information and we have fans dropping out like stones tossed in the Muddy Run. :( So if you have "Liked" the farm on Facebook, please like, comment or share a post or two in the coming days. Otherwise (as per a FB notification), the news, photos and videos from our farm will be appearing less and less frequently on your news feed!

We have several videos uploading to Youtube at the moment - but it you can't wait that long, they are posted on my page (if you're a friend, you can see them) and being loaded to the farm page as well.

Spring is struggling to really bust out here in our little corner of paradise! But yesterday I deemed the outdoor as useable and opened the drains the rest of the way! Check out FB for updated daylight images in a few hours! We might be riding outside today! :)

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