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Saturday, December 6, 2014

**Featured Sales Horse** Whodini WF**

That's right! Whodini is our featured Sales Horse of the week! But before anyone asks, he is not an escape artist! We needed a magic themed "W" name, his dam is Abracadabra...see how this happened????

Whodini is a bit smaller in the barrel than either of his full siblings but significantly taller! He sticks 16.2 hands, was born in 2007 and is a sweet guy to work around. He loves carrots, peppermints, cookies but definitely not bananas. They are toxic! :)

Whodini is easy going, smart, athletic and a good boy to work around on a daily basis. He learns quickly, retains his knowledge and is a hard worker with a sunny disposition. He is the tallest of the three full siblings - Wizard and Wakanda do not have his long legs! - but they have learned everything for Grand Prix!!! This guy is no less talented! And his gaits are a bit bigger too! So the sky is the limit for an athletic rider.

He loves to jump too! It is a pity that he is in a "dressage only" program as his talents are vast - he might suit an ambitious hunter derby rider, too! Whodini is currently working Third and Fourth Level with PSG in his sights for Spring 2015. He spent a few weeks at True Prospect after having been started in the spring of his 4 year old year. Banks, ditches, was all fine, but he would need a refresher.

Whodini is priced at $45,000. Please contact to make an appointment to see Whodini.

Playing show hunter as a 4 year old

These photos are from his first ditch schooling session...

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