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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A change in the wind...

I'm not sure that I believe in reincarnation or past lives, but I do recognize my flaws and try to keep a handle on how to improve on a personal level. Throughout my life I have had a great deal of trouble practicing this skill known as "patience". I am a go-getter by nature and it is torture to have to sit still while doing nothing. Seriously. Repetitive tasks set my teeth on edge unless there is dramatic improvement/productivity/something fantastic to show for the effort. Cleaning stalls - no problem - they look great when they're done! Ditto cleaning tack! Cleaning the house - not so much! Taking a day off and lounging around - OMG get me a spoon! I want to pull my eyeballs out after a half an hour of practicing this "Doing Nothing" stuff. Sheer torture... It is becoming somewhat easier to smile, breathe deeply and relax into the idea that an hour from now/this afternoon/tomorrow/next week is not far away and time marching forward is inevitable. Totally a "Patience Grasshopper" state of reality...thank goodness mom (Anne Rawle) is like Mr. Miyagi and coaxes it out of me!

So you may be curious what has brought on this rambling discussion of doing nothing and practicing that pesky patience skill...

Well, I am currently practicing patience containing some very big news that I would love to share with all my friends! Soon, soon...I am hoping to share with you all. Very soon. But not yet. Soon. *deep breath* It has quite a bit to do with the horses (of course)! The only teaser I can offer up is a bit of video from a light school the other day but it's not the real meat of why waiting is important...but it is a glimmer of hope that practicing patience has its rewards!

The strength Wyatt needs to have a show quality passage and someday a piaffe to match is still developing. Slowly - which is where the patience is so rewarding. I can feel him relaxing into the effort and mentally he is 110% with me and focused on working so hard to please me. Such a good, good horse!! And there are quite a few others who are making the same effort now! Good horses make everything better! :) Even waiting for things to do what they need to do and then tell the world what's going on! :)  (can you guys tell it is soooooo hard to not say anything????)

In the meantime, Happy Riding!

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