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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Woohoo! Super Clinic! Super Schooling Show!!

When I was debating what to say about the past few days, I decided to use a photograph to speak for me! Here is a friend's daughter on her pony and her expression sums it up best -
Talk about joy and happiness to be on a horse! :) 

Karin and Adelaide has much improved tests! Jen and GiGi also were knocking out more accurate figures! Both riders and horses have been working hard and improving dramatically - we're so proud of you guys!!

Now some of you might be wondering why mom is on Wendy (aka Wakanda) in the photo below. Plus, they're in a snaffle. Well, it was a bit beyond hot up at Straight Forward Dressage and I got overheated and was under the weather (perhaps 'knocked flat' would be a better way to put it?), so mom rallied and kindly showed her for me. The purpose of Wendy going back to Blue Goose was to get a bit of mileage and relax a bit more in the show arena...and having mom at the wheel guaranteed that! They got a 75.63% and 75.94%!

Thanks Mom!!! :)

Oh, did I say anything about the clinic with Catherine? I guess not!! Whoops! Hmmmm, how to best sum it up? Well, it was a bit warm. The horses were fantastic and I had super lessons that focused on securing their relaxation into the work and staying on my seat with better connection. Oh, did I say horseS? I guess I had neglected to mention that I took 2 to see The Big Boss - Wyatt and Don William. They were fabulous!!!! Wyatt is really coming along and we have things to work on but there is a whole new level of cooperation and expression coming into the work. :) She was pleased, I am pleased and he was proud to go into the new setting and do a top effort! I am over the moon. This was Liam's first time working with Catherine and, yet again, I had a fabulous lesson with tons of input from C about what we need to work on to help develop him into a top horse! It is/was/always will be fabulous to hear positive things about our homebred horses and have a trainer/rider of Catherine's caliber say encouraging things about their talent and potential. It was especially nice to have the reinforcement of liking the Dressage Royal blood since we have a few more of his babies coming along!

So it's been a good couple of days! Remember to hydrate, stay out of the direct sun (if you can), ride early or late and be sensible about the HEAT!

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