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Friday, May 10, 2013

Where to begin...

I suppose it is best to start back at the beginning. Well, maybe not that far but a bit of history is going to come out in this blog.

Or maybe not. Perhaps it is going to be better to focus on the positives and what is just around the corner...barely out of reach...sort of like the morning sun peaking through the mist at the start of a cool day? I think I'll go with that instead! :)
 On Wednesday, we made the family trek up to the USET Headquarters in Gladstone, NJ for 2 days of intense training with Catherine Haddad Staller!!!

As I said on FB - Happiness is being at the USET!!

Catherine's Theault Horse Box

The home base of International Dressage, Inc. is now in the lower level of stalls at the USET!!! How fortunate I am/was/hope to be in the future to work with Catherine in such an amazing facility!!! I was last in the awesome stable at Gladstone in 1997 for a Jim Wofford Clinic...before that it was all the Young Riders Training Sessions and Festival. Fabulous memories and lots of education of both horse and rider await!! 

Our neighbors - Hotmail and Winyamaro

Due to some excessive nerves at the recent Buck's County show, it was extremely fortunate that Catherine was able to fit us into her busy teaching and training schedule so soon. New tools were put into use, lots of confirmation of what we've been doing is correct (thank you Mom!) and now a firm road map is laid out for the future! There will be more on that in a few days but for now the opportunity is there to take the lesson material and apply it across the board to all of the youngsters, mid level horses and those working on the harder, more technical exercises.

My notes are all typed up from the lessons, so there is a very clear picture of what to work on, how it feels and what to do if things are going slightly off track! It is not everyday that someone like me gets to work with a trainer as experienced in the international ranks, so it was a true honor to have so much of Catherine's time and focus.  :)

The first day back home with all the new training tools has gone extremely well.

There is a whole lot to be proud of at the moment and the ever elusive "10" is going to be sought out with more frequency!
Yeah, I was rubbernecking in the renovated indoor. :) 

So in conclusion, you will see us at competitions with lots of different horses in the coming months! They may not be in the classes, but they will be there to learn to relax in the competition environment and be more steady away from home. You will also see us schooling at various facilities with lots of horses! 2.5 years of not getting out much is about to be HISTORY!!! :) 

And I did feel like Arnold - "I'll be back!" 

Thank you to Catherine, the USET and the staff of International Dressage for allowing us to come up for training!! It was an amazing experience and hopefully one that can be repeated soon.

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