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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A bit of farm news to brighten a dreary morning

So it is raining here on the farm this morning. Again. We are using our indoor with great regularity and it is somewhat amusing - we are in light jackets and quite warm in December but most definitely inside to enjoy to better footing! :)

Dreamcatcher and Wolfgang (aka McDreamy & Puck) are progressing quickly up the beginnings of the training scale - wearing tack, loose schooling - all the things that make a good riding horse in the future! It is quite amusing to go into their pasture to catch some of the geldings as it is a bit of a struggle to get just 1 nose into a halter. They all seem to be saying 'Catch ME!' We sure love these youngsters that want to have a working lifestyle!

But the boys are doing what young horses must do - growing and eating!

From the competition side of things - here is a photo of our Artesian WF (Again and Again x Aly Alice xx) with his junior rider at WIHS -

and then I can only provide a LINK to this image of Wayfarer (Waldaire x Calida by Calido I), a 2007 AWR gelding who is shining brightly in the hunter ring! This is from Hunt Night at Harrisburg a few weeks ago.

With the lovely warmer weather we have finished up the clipping for all of the riding horses! Only Wyatt was a tad unhappy with the noisy Oster clippers (circa 1960something and almost as loud as a weed whacker) and needed a bit of 'sleepy' time. So that's a whole bunch of first timers by Waldaire and Dressage Royal youngsters who accept a somewhat scary experience without any fuss! Such good horses!

While working away on one of the chestnuts who was a first timer, it occurred to me how nice it is to have young horses that are so relaxed and calm about life. I am somewhat saddened to think that we might not breed any mares in the coming year and then think of the time that is freed up by not breeding. I will take comfort in having so many nice horses to ride in the present and think about the future later...

Speaking of the future with an eye towards competition - Wizard is confidently doing his single flying changes and we're beginning to work on counting tempi changes. If my timing wasn't a tad rusty, his 4's would be more solid and we would be working on the 3's and 2's. He is a joy to ride each day and truly relishes the new work. His half passes are also coming along and the 1/4 pirouettes in the canter. Not too shabby for a 2006! :) He is scheduled for a video session in a few days, so I look forward to sharing his progress with everyone! A number of clients and students have enjoyed some saddle time with Wizard and I will pressure a few of them to comment or share their impressions of riding this stallion.

So I think that is the wrap of the past few is a parting image of Oreo the Assistant Trainer in his preferred winter observation spot -

Happy riding!!

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