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Friday, September 16, 2011

Featured horse ***DREAMCATCHER WF***

Ahhh, 2008 was a great year for our breeding program! It was our second year of having Dressage Royal foals arriving and we had a dream of a colt arrive out of our reliable producer Abracadabra (by Again and Again). Abracadabra's offspring have always had a name that reflects a "theme" - hers being of a magical tilt, so "Dreamcatcher" seemed appropriate! Grey's Anatomy was very big on TV at the time and this colt was especially cute and confident, so he was christened McDreamy around the barn. :) For serious purposes we do call him Derek - like when there are outsiders here...wouldn't want them to think we were silly about naming the foals!

All joking aside, McDreamy is a very lightfooted and uphill moving fellow. At his foal inspection he was Site Champion and a Premier with a score of 8.5. The judges were thrilled that 'even when he is trotting DOWN the hill, he is moving UPHILL!'

So now we can fast forward a bit in time -

Foal Inspection Video

October 2010 Video

June 2011 Video

In terms of personality, McDreamy is very sweet to handle. His has been growing quite a bit this year but is totally ready (physically developed enough) to start undersaddle! We can't wait as the Dressage Royal youngsters have been so much fun to bring along. Just purely FUN to work with! McDreamy is something to be very excited about...and if you aren't sure about why - just check out these photos---

And he knows how special he is -

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